A hoot of a tale…..

//A hoot of a tale…..

A hoot of a tale…..

So, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of ‘coincidence’ and that when I’m given a sign in duplicate or triplicate I listen to the message the Universe is sending me. Sometimes, like all of us it can be a song heard a number of times, an author whose name keeps appearing, or frequently it can be something in nature.

owls1Having spent many years interested in the messages that Animals and Birds can bring us I had a lovely experience walking back to my car after finishing a busy day at work. Walking along the side of a park I heard what I thought was an owl screeching as the dusk turned to night, only to have this clarified when another owl joined in. Surprised to find two owls communicating in a small space I didn’t stop to consider any meanings until I looked up at a tree in front of me to see a third owl in the branches. Seeing or hearing things in triplicate is a definite message from the Universe which I’ve learnt not to ignore. And then, to really bring the message home, all three owls flew over my head one after another……

This got me thinking about what Owls mean in animal-speak, what message these amazing birds were sending. I knew that owls were symbolic of wisdom, of mystery, vision and the night. The mystical aspects were amplified by the power of the number 3. This number is associated with creativity, birth, magic and mystery. So, both the number 3 and owls are both symbolic of magic and mystery, and as two of the owls flew left to right this is symbolic of increased magic and mystery coming into my life.

If the owls had flown right to left this would have related to my masculine side, to the energy already being used, rather than the energy emerging or coming into my life. In addition to this owls themselves are symbolic of feminine energy, the moon so this amplifies the energy further (your left side is your feminine, emotional side) so 2 owls flying left to right doubles the message of increased feminine intuition, an increase in awareness of magic and mystery. My reading of this is basically to be aware over the coming days and weeks of a rise in my intuition, an appreciation of the Universe in more magical ways, and remember magic can appear in so many different ways. And maybe, if I’m really lucky I’ll be able to do what owls easily do – see the small details through the dark, hear what is not being said, and see what is being hidden – I’ll let you know!

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