And so to resolve…

The beginning of a fresh new year can be a time to consider our lives and possibly even make a resolution or two: a firm decision to do or not to do something, or perhaps the action of solving a problem or contentious matter. I thought it would be a good time of year to talk about the tools that homeopathy has to offer because I often find many people aren’t sure what it really is, and I used to be uncertain myself.

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Why Marriages Fail…And How to Help Yours

Written by Tracey De Wet, Relationship Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist - Reconnexxion Worxx Marriages fail for two reasons. Stress and not topping up the love bank. Every relationship goes through stress - it's called life - and things don't always happen as expected. None of us know what is around the corner but research shows some fundamental differences in the impact on relationships.

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Acupuncture FAQs

Written by Jane Wood, Acupuncturist Is traditional acupuncture right for me? Many people use acupuncture for help with specific symptoms or conditions. Others choose acupuncture as a preventive measure to strengthen their constitution or because they just feel generally unwell. Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages including the elderly. It can be very effective when integrated with conventional medicine.

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mBIT: “a whole new level of coaching”

I could spend some time explaining the mBraining approach to coaching using mBIT (that’s multiple brain integration techniques, by the way) to you. I could tell you that in the simplest terms, it’s about listening to your head, heat and your gut to generate new insights and wisdom. I could explain that mBraining™ builds on the practices of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive linguistics, positive psychology and behavioural modelling to create an integrated approach that supports you to experience congruence between being, feeling and doing.

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Focus On…Avoiding Ski-ing Injuries

The risk of injury when skiing is actually fairly low, with just 2-3 people per 1000 requiring medical help. Fortunately the rate of skiing injuries has reduced since the 1970s by about 50%, largely due to improvements in ski equipment, slope design and skiing instruction. However, it is important not to become complacent when it comes to skiing; the risk of injury will be dramatically increased without proper preparation, especially for novice skiers.

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Spiritual Mediumship

Written by Julie Fryer, Spiritual Medium I link with my Guides and Inspirers and the Angel realms so that I may bring messages of Love. I cannot guarantee who comes through or that I can connect to any one spirit or guide specifically. Often your loved ones bring through the little things that might not seem important in life, they like bringing laughter and to help us remember good times to uplift us.

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Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

Written by Kathy Richards, Clinical Hypnotherapist In simple terms EMDR Therapy is a rapid, non-invasive therapy used at a conscious level, but the therapeutic advantages are that it reaches the subconscious almost instantly.

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Stop Smoking?

Written by Kathy Richards, Clinical Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy can help you get to the root of the reasons why you smoke – resulting in a higher success of kicking the habit. Smoking contributes to a long list of health problems and each smoker has a different approach to their smoking habit. There are different types of smokers, for example, the casual smoker – linked perhaps to social or stressful occasions; the moderate smoker – who smokes quite regularly and might find it difficult giving up the habit. Then the hard-core smoker – generally smoking heavily and the thought of giving up feels unattainable.

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Make the Most of Sleep!

All 5 stages of sleep (in a 90 minute cycle) are crucial for the different brain waves occurring, for immune system function; developing neural connections; processing information; consolidating memory and clearing debris in the brain. So here are some top tips from a recent seminar by Lambert’s nutritionists to get the most out of your sleep:

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