Focus On…Avoiding Ski-ing Injuries

The risk of injury when skiing is actually fairly low, with just 2-3 people per 1000 requiring medical help. Fortunately the rate of skiing injuries has reduced since the 1970s by about 50%, largely due to improvements in ski equipment, slope design and skiing instruction. However, it is important not to become complacent when it comes to skiing; the risk of injury will be dramatically increased without proper preparation, especially for novice skiers.

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Spiritual Mediumship

Written by Julie Fryer, Spiritual Medium I link with my Guides and Inspirers and the Angel realms so that I may bring messages of Love. I cannot guarantee who comes through or that I can connect to any one spirit or guide specifically. Often your loved ones bring through the little things that might not seem important in life, they like bringing laughter and to help us remember good times to uplift us.

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Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

Written by Kathy Richards, Clinical Hypnotherapist In simple terms EMDR Therapy is a rapid, non-invasive therapy used at a conscious level, but the therapeutic advantages are that it reaches the subconscious almost instantly.

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Stop Smoking?

Written by Kathy Richards, Clinical Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy can help you get to the root of the reasons why you smoke – resulting in a higher success of kicking the habit. Smoking contributes to a long list of health problems and each smoker has a different approach to their smoking habit. There are different types of smokers, for example, the casual smoker – linked perhaps to social or stressful occasions; the moderate smoker – who smokes quite regularly and might find it difficult giving up the habit. Then the hard-core smoker – generally smoking heavily and the thought of giving up feels unattainable.

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Make the Most of Sleep!

All 5 stages of sleep (in a 90 minute cycle) are crucial for the different brain waves occurring, for immune system function; developing neural connections; processing information; consolidating memory and clearing debris in the brain. So here are some top tips from a recent seminar by Lambert’s nutritionists to get the most out of your sleep:

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Anti-Bullying Strategies at Work

This interview was originally conducted with Nicki Eyre as part of an HR research project, Anti-Bullying Strategy in Corporates by Ruba Shahzada in 2018, and is reproduced here with kind permission from Ruba during Anti Bullying Week, 12 - 16 November 2018. “As an expert in the field and part of your coaching experience, I will be asking you some questions to gain an insight into the Bullying that takes place in organisations. This research will aim to increase awareness in this topic and to encourage corporates to adapt policies and strategies to fight what it is considered a way of harassment.

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Treating Stress with Acupuncture

Written by Sylvia Shroer, Re-Connect to Health. I have been involved with acupuncture for more than 30 years. I studied craniosacral therapy later, completing a two year professional training in 2013. I first became involved with acupuncture in the 1980s when I saw how it helped a friend suffering with depression, and I made a choice at this stage not to return to study clinical psychology, which I had previously been interested in – and to look at what the East and the Chinese had to offer – with approaches that predated Cartesian Dualism, and the mind body split. I had felt frustrated that the mind and the body were so disconnected with each other in psychology when I studied this in the 1970s.

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Workplace Wellbeing

Written by Nicki Eyre, Transformational Coach It has long been recognised that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. In what seems to be an increasingly chaotic world, employee health and wellbeing is a key asset in the corporate battle for survival. Managing health, work and wellbeing is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee.

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6 Misconceptions About Marriage

Written by Tracey De Wet, Relationship Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist - Reconnection Worxx 1. Active listening is the cure for an ailing marriage - usually the basis of most marital therapies, has an initial benefit but very little long term influence. Initially it can reduce hostility but fixing a marriage needs a different approach. Many happily married couples don't listen to each other with emotional detachment.

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Considering Arthritis: Mobility in Health

Written by Rebecca Maunder, Naturally Well with Homeopathy Arthritis causes pain and inflammation in a joint. It affects around 10 million people, of all ages in the UK. There are different types of arthritis, labelled according to the symptoms and causes. Osteoarthritis; the protective cartilage at the end of joints does not repair as it should, and is thought to be connected to wear and tear/over-use, injuries, older age, or strain from being over-weight. This causes pain, swelling, stiffness and bony growths (1).

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