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Goal Attainments with Vision Boards

Have you ever wondered how successful people just seem to keep on being successful? Have you dreamt of achieving more? Do you know what your dreams are? Or are you spending your life running around chasing your tail?

If this sounds like you and you would like to know how to stop, focus, find your goals and work towards achieving them then Vision Boards may just be one way of helping you achieve this. Vision boards are easy and fun to create, can be changed as you go along and help you to focus your intentions.

To find out what Vision Boards are, how to make one (or more) and to produce your first one then come along to our workshop and realise your potential.

Each workshop takes place over two mornings, the first to understand, and the second to create. From 9am – 12am. Or this can be run as a one day workshop. For more info contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383

01-workshop-150pxAscended Masters Evenings

The Ascended Masters have a vital role to play in the current and future climate of our planet and the universe. To find out more about the Masters, their roles, tasks and intentions we will look at each Ascended Master, the 7 Rays and what each means, we can carry out work to see which ray you resonate with and what that means for you and your role in this lifetime. In order to fully understand the Ascended Masters we will touch on the Ascension and some of the Archangels.

This workshop takes place over a two-month period with one evening session each fortnight. Each session aims to provide interesting information about the role of the Ascended Masters and how you can help with their work.

Sessions will take place on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 – 8.30pm twice a month. It may be possible to run a one-day weekend workshop – if you are interested in this option please let me know and I can put some dates together.
For more info contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383

04-workshop-150pxMeditation, Healing & Development Circle

Tamara is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Angelic Reiki Master Teacher facilitating a weekly healing meditation group for you to come and de-stress from your daily life. This group will focus on those issues which many of us face in daily life and indeed create blocks for us moving forward. These include self esteem, confidence, power of the mind, utilising our full true self and abilities.

These monthly meetings will combine Hypnotherapy with Angelic Reiki Energy to provide a powerful healing space, to promote self inner healing and mindfulness to move your life in the most positive ways for you. To alleviate and focus on blockages you may be experiencing and deliver a loving, healing space to explore with a peer group. The group is open to all people who wish to clear, heal and expand their spiritual, mental and physical selves as well as for those just wishing to retreat to a healing space for a while.

We will explore deep meditations into the inner self, the use of crystals, oracle cards and ancient healing practices, discussions and more.

Price: £15 per person.
For more info contact Tamara on 0743 188872 or 01423 567383

08-workshop-150pxReiki Share Circles

For all Levels of reiki therapists whether you work with clients or for family and friends. You will be welcome at our monthly reiki shares, come and meet like-minded people, make new friends, keep updated about what is happening in the world of reiki and share reiki with each other. Everyone welcome.

We meet once a month on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 – 8pm.
For more info please contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383.

11-workshop-150pxAuras, Chakra’s & Colour Therapy

An informative workshop which provides information on the 7 main chakras; the auric layers and what the colours of the aura and the chakras mean. Learn how chakras influence our moods, how colour can change moods and what an aura
is. We use practical exercises on seeing auras, balancing chakras and testing for your soul colour.

For more info contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383

08-workshop-150pxUsui Reiki

Reiki has increased in popularity over the last few years. This wonderful therapy

has spread worldwide, and the beauty of reiki is that anyone, at any age can do it. Each attunement expands your vibrations and increases the amount of energy that your body can channel through it. Reiki
is personal and holistic, it helps people become whole. We are all individuals
and reiki acknowledges this and will work with you in a gentle and loving manner to help you to achieve a life which is happy, healthy and loving. Levels 1, 2 and 3 are available throughout the year.

For more info please contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383.

10-workshop-150pxAnimal Magic

Using information gained over a number of years, this interesting workshop looks at understanding the symbolism of the animal and bird kingdom. What does it mean if you have a brown bear as a spirit guide, what do magpies really symbolise? Where do the old stories attached to certain animals and birds come from?
Guided meditation will introduce you to your animal totem – your own special animal guide with which you share a lifetime.

For more info please contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383.

09-workshop-150pxAngelic Reiki Levels 1 & 2

This system of healing uses reiki symbols attuned to the soul vibration. During the course you will learn how to connect with the angels, how to merge with your healing angel to give a full treatment and how to carry out treatments. You will receive a down pouring of soul energy from the angels which will raise your consciousness. A truly awe-inspiring workshop. Full instruction manuals and certificates provided. This is a level 1 & 2 practitioner course.

For more info please contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or Tamara on 07473 188872

07-workshop-150pxTalking with Angels

This course has run for over 10 years, featured on TV and has proven increasingly popular over recent years. Spend a whole day learning about angels, what they are, how to recognise an angel and why they are concerned with us. Guided meditation will introduce you to your own guardian angel and teach you how to recognise your angels energy. Learn about the Archangels and when to call them in.

For more info contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383

02-workshop-150pxMeditation Circle

The benefits of Meditation have been well published.
It enhances our lives on many levels: by reducing stress, calming, aiding spiritual growth and finding a still centre.

For more info contact Heather on 0797 4919079 or 01423 567383