Emotional Goodbyes, Hopeful Hellos – Welcome 2017

//Emotional Goodbyes, Hopeful Hellos – Welcome 2017

Emotional Goodbyes, Hopeful Hellos – Welcome 2017

It’s the last Friday in December and we’re a couple of days, only hours really, away from the end of what can best be described as a huge learning year, 2017 beckons. Hasn’t it been a roller coaster of a ride! I’m not sure whether you read my blog early this year about the numerology of a 9 year, what changes and completions it brings. As I discussed then the magic of a 9 year is that it is a completion year. The conclusion of a cycle. And all endings bring through change; sometimes painful, turbulent, emotional, depressing, but also exciting, hopeful, opportunistic. What have you personally completed this year? What have you worked on? This year has given us a huge chance to learn the lessons, a gift itself, even though at times a painful one. Looking back, its quite clear to me that this year has been my year of ‘relationships’. Of understanding my relationships and how I work with them, how they differ and what I can do better. Next year gives us the opportunity to bring in those changes.

On a planetary level hasn’t this year been insane! My blog in January said ‘The number 9 is also the number of humanity. Nothings stays the same, everything changes and alters and this year will bring about changes on a planetary level too. Transformation on a universal level, a shift in our consciousness. And about time too. Think about all the changes that have occurred in the last 8 years, what strides we’ve made in technology and understanding, where we are in learning about our planet and what we should be doing to protect it, in advances in consciousness. What moves do we need to make to move things further forward and what can we do personally and collectively? Never doubt that small steps can create big changes.’ And haven’t we seen change? Political, geographical, humanity. And of course you can’t write a blog about completion years without mentioning the losses, personal and global, that have occurred this year. Some of our favourite stars, memories of teenage years belting out hits from people we’ve lost this year, laughing at stars of stage and screen. And it seems we’re ending as we began, with some big losses….

So, where does this leave us for next year? Well, hopefully it will be a less turbulent year as we move into a 1 year. In tarot cards the number 1 is the Magician. In both tarot and numerology it represents new starts, new beginnings, moves, projects, ideas, relationships, friendships…. The future. So, it’s your call – what do you want to build next year? What new beginnings are you inviting in to your heart, your soul, your life? Where are you going to use your talents best? What do you want to create?


We had the chance yesterday to work on this in our reiki circle, to think about what we wanted to complete releasing this year, what old habits and baggage we wanted to leave behind, and what we wanted to create next year. If you want to share our ritual you’ll need 2 candles, some paper and pens and an open heart.

Start with the releasing energy, light your candle, hold it in your hands and begin by stating what you are grateful for that this year has brought you (there will be something, you might need to dig deep but it will be there), then once you have given thanks, state what you wish to let go of, what no longer serves your purpose. Allow yourself to totally let go of any attachments, release with love not anger or hate. And, as you blow out the candle let go….

Now, paper and pens, time to think about what you want to create next year. Think of an empowering single word and write this in the centre of the paper, then write or draw around it all the things this will allow you to do. For example, one of my words was Creativity, I drew a saxophone to represent learning to play this (something I’ve wanted to do for a loooong time), I drew a book with a pen and writing, again to inspire me to write more, a river with a stick person on the bank to remind me to go with the flow and allow creative urges in, not to block them. Then I wrote words around such as freedom, fun, inspiration, insight …. You get the gist.

Once you have done this light your second candle and state your intentions for next year. Place the candle on top of your intentions and sit quietly with it. Allow it to settle with you.

We finished in our group by passing the light forward to each other asking for releasing and clearing and gifts for next year…

Whatever you do, I wish you much happiness, love and laughter in 2017, here’s to a less emotional year ☺

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