It’s Time for a little Goddess Ostara Magic

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It’s Time for a little Goddess Ostara Magic

I’ll let you into a secret – I love this time of year. I love watching the garden starting to come to life, my blueberry bushes are budding, the wisteria is just starting to wake up and numerous plants are shaking off their winter slumber and stretching out the first tentative curls of what, in a couple of months will be a riot of colourful leaves and blooms. Mrs Blackbird pops in every morning to say hello and gather more bits and pieces for the nest she’s building in our fir tree and Flynn finds the garden much more interesting – it gets a 10 on the sniff quota!

But, in addition to loving this, I love the feel of the energies – that feeling of excitement that summer is around the corner, that winter boots and coats can soon be put away, seeds can be planted and tended and new projects and ideas birthed. And of course the energy of enthusiasm and change that comes with spring and the lighter days. And this year, because Easter is early, we get the bank holiday, the clock changes and a change to perform any rituals in one weekend. Whilst the spring equinox was officially on the 21st March, I’m choosing to celebrate it all this weekend because I have more time to enjoy the rituals and the energy of it all.

Our Easter goes way back to the Goddess Ostara, the goddess of spring and the dawn, of re-birth and rejuvenation. She is the embodiment of fertility, of light, of change, of growth and nurturing. She IS the divine feminine. And I guess this is part of the symbology of Easter Eggs. In past times eggs were decorated and given as gifts & blessings of prosperity and abundance for the rest of the year – I rather like that, it’s much nicer than its chocolate counterpart! And, following suit I suppose the Easter bunny is a modern day representation of the Hare, that ancient symbol of spring and fertility, an animal sacred to the goddess Ostara. Almost all imagery of spring includes a hare somewhere in there. As the goddess of spring Ostara oversees all conception, all growth, from babies to plants to ideas to friendships, anything that is being born and beginning to grow. And don’t you just love the spring flowers, the colours and the scents? The new lambs and the madness of the animal kingdom at the moment? Doesn’t it fill your heart and make you smile?

So, today, in honour of spring, of birth and re-growth I’m planting some spring flowers with a blessing ritual to bring in the new energies, to ground and nurture those energies so that all new ideas, new creations and new friendships that are hovering around are allowed to grow in their own time and way and bring forward change. I wish you all a happy Easter and blessings of prosperity and abundance throughout the rest of the year….


The beautiful picture featured above is another magical painting by the very talented Jane Delaford Taylor. We’re lucky to have a few of Jane’s originals at the Serenity Centre and they are always admired. Jane is simply brilliant at creating magical, evocative, spiritual art that jumps off the page. If you would like to gift yourself this painting, Hare Moon (Ostara), or any other piece,  Janes’ work can be found on or through Facebook. Thank you Jane, as always I love it!

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