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1108, 2016

Five Element Acupuncture

What is Five Element Acupuncture? written by our acupuncturist Sylvia Schroer   Some acupuncturists work with an understanding that each person has one of the five elements of Chinese medicine as a ‘guardian element’, conferring [...]

2603, 2016

It’s Time for a little Goddess Ostara Magic

I’ll let you into a secret – I love this time of year. I love watching the garden starting to come to life, my blueberry bushes are budding, the wisteria is just starting to wake [...]

2710, 2014

Why you should book your next massage.

An interesting article from Sarah Klein in the Huffington Post on the benefits of massage. There's no denying a massage is calming -- until you start feeling guilty for indulging in a little special treatment. [...]

1609, 2014

Acupuncture offers new hope in treating depression and anxiety

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture could be used to treat anxiety and depression instead of drugs, says health features editor Laura Milne. IT IS best known as a treatment for controlling our aches and [...]

109, 2014

A hoot of a tale…..

So, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of ‘coincidence’ and that when I’m given a sign in duplicate or triplicate I listen to the message the Universe is sending me. [...]