Scorpio energy rising – Full Moon

//Scorpio energy rising – Full Moon

Scorpio energy rising – Full Moon

This months full moon falls on the 10th/11th May in Scorpio and brings with it a challenge to change. Scorpio is known for its questing, feeling, mystical approach to life, and this full moon brings that in abundance. I’ve been musing a lot recently on change and growth, thinking about what I put out there, what my message is, whether what I write or say is helpful or not. Not easy questions to ponder but they are necessary and worthwhile and require total honesty. This full moon amplifies that questioning on a deeper level. Scorpio energy covers things that might not always make sense, but that make you connect on a deeper level with the mystical and wonderful world of magic and mystery. Use this time to connect in with that part of you which knows, that feels without thinking, access your true inner wisdom not your rational thinking mind. And ask yourself the deeper questions, the difficult questions, and then try and see what, exactly you need to understand.

By shedding light on the areas you’ve ignored or hidden from you can bring forth the transformations your heart has been desiring. Light casts out darkness, be honest with yourself, rise to the challenge and the energy of this Scorpio full moon and you might find hidden depths that you had no idea of.

“when you brought light to my darkness, I undiscovered the eclipse” Avijeet Das

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