The Goddess of the Full Moon meets the Sun God of the Solstice

//The Goddess of the Full Moon meets the Sun God of the Solstice

The Goddess of the Full Moon meets the Sun God of the Solstice

In a very rare occurrence this month the Moon Goddess meets the Sun God within the same day. What magic are you going to create? Tomorrow, June 20th is the Summer Solstice here in the Western hemisphere – a time to embrace the masculine energy of the sun, of action, energy and movement, to feel motivated and energised. But this month, it is also the full moon, or as the Native Americans knew it the Strawberry or Honey Moon. I’m not sure about you but I love the Native American names for the full moons, they just seem so delicious don’t they? So, that means that in addition to embracing the masculine energy of the solstice, we will also feel the feminine energies of the full moon, and, in another rare occurrence this full moon falls under Sagittarius (as did the full moon in May).

And what amazing magic happens when these two energies meet equally. It is time to let go, to release old energies, to put down anything that no longer serves you, to step fully into the new. A time of balance and harmony. A blending of light and dark, accept the shadow side and embrace the light. Let go of the old and take time to think about what might be waiting for you if you step into the new – are you ready to make changes?

All new moons shed light on who we are, on how we are living and what our deepest emotions and desires are, but coupled with the solstice this one is a beacon of light. If you stop and listen, truly listen to your heart and your soul then you will hear that higher voice. It’s telling you that now is the time to drop the mask, to reveal who you really are, to emerge into the light fully and authentically, truly you. Release who you think you are and instead embrace the idea that you can be who you are really meant to be – that beautiful soul full of light and love – go on, you know you want to give it a go. Release the fear of what others will think, if you shine your light it gives others the freedom to shine theirs – and what a great gift that is!

Now, the balance of the planets will allow you to see the vision, to hold the dream and to embrace the concept of life as it could be lived, but we also have Saturn to deal with. Saturn is our grounding, it makes us look at things on a practical, down to earth level – pretty apt for a solstice don’t you think? So, this energy requires that you not only dream but also plan – how can you bring your dreams into reality? What actions do you need to take to manifest your deepest desires? And are you willing to work at it?

Me, I had the precious gift of a Akashic Record Reading and soul realignment from a beautiful soul on Friday which confirmed my way forward (thank you Jessica) and yesterday I was true to my word and bought out Paperchase! Today, I’m sat in the early morning sun listening to mummy blackbird feed her little ones in my conifer, watching my fur baby mooching round the garden (and if I’m honest having the odd fur baby cuddle when requested) and re-connecting with that part of my soul that loves writing. Something that I’ve let drop in recent months. This, at this moment for me is bliss. The bees are buzzing loudly, the baby blackbirds are chirping, birds are singing multiple songs, I’m surrounded by the scents of nature – roses, lavenders about to bloom, peonies, wisteria and, yes, coffee!

Have a great solstice my friends, make the most of the energies, find your balance, shed your masks and step forward into your future.


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