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Anna Daniels
Honest Nutrition
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Anna has experience working in food and nutrition both in the public and private sectors both here in the UK, Sydney, Australia and New York. Graduating with a bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition in 2006 at The University of Reading, Anna ran her own nutrition consultancy in Sydney where she specialised in providing nutritional weight loss advice for her clients. Anna returned to the UK to study Dietetics in 2011 and is now a Registered Dietitian, an accredited member of the British Dietetic Association and Freelance Dietitian’s Group.

Areas of specialism include Weight Management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Nutrition in Pregnancy.

Apart from creating personalised programmes for her clients, Anna also delivers workshops, lunch and training to groups. Topics include Health Screenings, Nutrition for Busy People, Nutrition for Parenting, Eating Out, Stress in the Workplace – or a topic of your choice.

Services & Treatments


The Honest Nutrition approach is not about fad diets or avoiding food groups. It is a balanced holistic approach, which will take in to account your lifestyle and current eating regimes. We focus on your goals and tailor a nutrition plan around your lifestyle, thus to ensure your metabolism will work optimally, making you feel great and in turn look your best.

Whether you want to lose just a few pounds, 25 kilos, or more, Anna can help you achieve your goals and put you on the road to optimal nutrition and health.

  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Private nutrition counseling package
  • Weight Loss counseling packages
  • Lifestyle education (cooking instruction; supermarket tours; kitchen makeovers, and more)

Core Values

Whilst you’re here we want to share with you the core values of Honest Nutrition. Firstly, no one will ever judge you here or slap you on the wrist sharing your eating habits. Anna at Honest Nutrition aims to help you understand if you have any poor eating behaviours and re-educates you to have a positive food relationship. Perhaps you only need to lose a few pounds, or you want to get yourself in shape for a wedding or feel your post baby body isn’t quite as it used to be, Anna will develop an approach that is suitable for you. Whatever level of service you require can be provided, so if you need advice whilst you’re out and about in a restaurant, or not sure what foods to take into lunch, Anna can help.

But you need to be honest, be honest with yourself and be honest with Anna. We care and want to help, poor body image and poor health can affect people’s lives and it doesn’t have to be that way. Through open communication, Honest Nutrition will guide you into feeling your best, looking your best, all the while enjoying your food, as, lets be honest, it is one of life’s greatest pleasures!