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Intrinsic Bodywork
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I adore working with clients as I find working with energy fascinating and the experience informative and unique every time. This passion comes into every session. I appreciate being able to offer relief, solace a/or deep cleansing/repairs/upgrades to clients as I know what it’s like to struggle through various physical, mental, emotional, relationship, and spiritual health and fitness challenges.

Intrinsic Bodywork is the integration of 10+ years of varied healing explorations, experience, and certifications including Green Ray Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Yoga Teacher, and ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage. Experience with Earth healing, Shamanism, intuition, personal practice & experience, self-healing, self-awareness, and belly dance have informed my style as well. I work on a very deep level energetically that’s along the lines of psychic surgery. (psychic: relating to our consciousness and unconsciousness and the human soul, mind, or spirit)

I found Green Ray Reiki to be a very powerful and important energy to work with, thus I went through the process to become a teacher of that modality.

I authored The Ironic Shituation: The Actuality of Everything. My book explores one question: What isn’t bullshit? I needed some f’n answers. Maybe you do, too. Copies are available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and from myself (paperback). I reached a point in my life that I needed answers, so I spent 6+ years of weekends, holidays, and random inspiration hitting me to seek, explore, and find them. I share them with you in my book.

Services & Treatments

Intrinsic Bodywork & Green Ray Reiki

Intrinsic Bodywork

Each session offers advanced personalized techniques incorporating varied *Reiki techniques, crystal therapy (coming soon) and/or massage bodywork for your intrinsic energy to:

1. deeply cleanse your intrinsic vital energy (mental, emotional and/or spiritual bodies as experienced in your physical body)
2. soothe spiritual, mental, and/or emotional inflammation; and
3. reboot, realign, and/or rejuvenate your intrinsic energy.

Intrinsic Bodywork is beneficial for all. Daily life and life’s hard knocks may throw us some curve balls &/or stress for any length of time challenging our minds, emotions and energy levels.

It may be beneficial for those with some niggly aches and pains that other methods have not been able to shift.

It is especially supportive to those who actively work their vital energy via yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, reiki, etc. as well as for practitioners in all complementary/alternative medicine disciplines.

Intrinsic Bodywork is of great benefit to people actively working to increase their light quotient (ascension).

Come for some relaxation, rejuvenation, or respite. Come for some well-being maintenance.

Green Ray Reiki Courses: Levels 1 & 2

Green Ray Reiki works with the Earth energy known as the Green Ray. This life force of the Earth is very potent and powerful. The calibrations will attune you to work more closely with the energies of Nature. It may be used for people and Earth healing work, in gardens, farming, and in everyday living.

“Connecting to the Green Ray through meditation is fine, it’s like going to church to pray” but “connecting via the Green Ray Reiki system is like becoming a priest [or priestess]. It is for people who are serious about healing – for themselves, others, and the planet.”

Green Ray Reiki Levels 1 and 2 are two-day courses that will resonate strongly with anyone who is an Earth Healer, a Light Worker, and would like to learn more about the elementals and how to work with them.

Let me know of your interest via email. I look forward to working with those interested in this course.