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Helen Compton
Harrogate Herbal Medicine
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I qualified in herbal medicine in 2004 after 6 years of study and clinical training, having wanted to be a herbalist since I was 5 years old. I have always been passionate about the natural world, and fascinated by how plants could be transformed into all manner of medicinal preparations. I was lucky enough to be invited to lecture and supervise the training clinic of a newly formed BSc in Herbal Medicine at Leeds Metropolitan University, and spent 4 years helping to develop the course and the clinical training provision. Following the arrival of my son the time came to return to practice in Harrogate, although I will be offering courses and workshops in Herbal Medicine to satisfy the teacher in me!
My philosophy of treatment is truly holistic, addressing the needs of mind, body and spirit in whatever form this is expressed within my clients lives, and helping individuals to rediscover their connection to the natural world and their healthy selves.

Services & Treatments

Clinical Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a safe and natural system of holistic medicine which is based on the treatment of each individual patient as a whole being, with plant extracts in a number of forms – these include alcoholic tinctures, teas, creams and syrups, with other preparations available to suit the needs of each patient.

The approach of herbal medicine is to support the body in regaining balance and enhancing its own powers of healing, while including herbs to address any immediate troublesome symptoms where possible. Herbal prescriptions usually include a combination of up to seven herbs chosen specifically for the patients unique needs, although sometimes one herb is all that is required. Herbal medicine can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues, and also to support general wellbeing to minimise the possibility of becoming ill. Under the direction of a qualified herbalist, herbal medicine can be safely taken alongside most orthodox medications. Herbalists are also trained to recognise when a condition requires referral to another healthcare practitioner.

An initial consultation with a herbalist can last between one and one and a half hours. During that time the herbalist will ask a wide variety of questions to gain a complete view of the individual patient’s health issue, including lifestyle and diet. Physical examination to aid diagnosis may take place – this uses orthodox western medical techniques. Pulse and blood pressure are taken at all consultations.