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Julie Fryer
Spiritual Medium
Tel: 07923 242 548

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Helping and healing others for most of her life Julie was drawn to Spiritualism many years ago. After joining a healing and development circle she learned more about her self and her gifts and abilities from her Guides, the Angels and Spirit loved ones. She learned the importance of the discipline of meditation and trusting and her intuition and the ability to listen to all of her senses. She works with her Guides and Inspirers, the Angelic Realms and loved ones with honesty and truthfulness to enable her to share their teachings with others.

She has run development circles from home for over ten years, helping many other
Light Workers to develop their gifts, supporting and encouraging each individual on their unique spiritual pathway. Her development circles are now available at The Serenity Centre. Each course is a weekly commitment, leading to a continued time of learning for all those attending.

Her readings bring messages of love, encouragement and help from loved ones in spirit and sometimes your Guides and Angels. A reading may involve the use of one, or a combination of all her mediumistic abilities including card readings – the decision is usually made by spirit. But you can request a specific type of reading too.

Julie is Clairsentient and would appreciate that you do not wear heavy or strong perfume or aftershave and do not smoke 2 hours prior to your reading. Thank you.

Services & Treatments

Angel Card Readings

I use Angel Cards to connect to you and spirit to give uplifting messages of Love and Peace. The Angels are always there waiting to help with life’s problems and issues of health and looking after ourselves.

Spiritual Mediumship

I link with my Guides and Inspirers and the Angel realms so that I may bring messages of Love. I cannot guarantee who comes through or that I can connect to any one spirit or guide specifically. Often your loved ones bring through the little things that might not seem important in life, they like bringing laughter and to help us remember good times to uplift us.

 Guides from the world of Spirit work with us and walk with us on our journey in this lifetime, although some guides are with us in all our lifetimes! We have a main guide that stays with us for the whole journey and then there are other guides that join us for a short time to help us through a specific times in our life and sometimes this can also be a family member that has passed over.

Spirit/Readings are not their to tell you the future, although they sometimes do, they want you to know how much we are surrounded by their love, that they are always with us, they never leave us and that they are always there for us. All that changes is that they no longer have a physical body. You should still recognise their personality, their sense of humour or just the little things that makes us who we are!

Remember do not change your life to suit a reading. Just let things happen through the natural process of the pathway that you have chosen.

There isn’t a set rule as to when you can or can’t, should or shouldn’t see a medium after a loved one has passed over but you should never consult a medium for a reading as part of your grieving process. However you usually know when you are ready for the experience and the Angels have an amazing way of drawing you to the right medium for you.


I hold an item of your jewellery, a ring, a watch or a necklace, and make a connection with Spirit to allow this connection to bring you messages and information.


“My readings with Julie have always been extremely positive, helping to clarify both everyday problems and to work through deeper issues. Julie always makes me feel comfortable, every reading is a therapeutic and energising experience – just like a spiritual spa. Her readings help me to focus on the things that really matter, reminding me of happy memories and reassuring me that there is much more to come.”
To Julie Fryer
“I always learn so much from you. You have a wonderful way of teaching that helps me. I always look forward to your circles and leave them refreshed and renewed. You are a breath of fresh air.”
To Julie Fryer
“Thank you Julie for your lovely energy.”
To Julie Fryer