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Kathy Richards
Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMDR
Tel: 07722 588124

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I started my career within the voluntary sector working with people with special needs knowing I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. I then worked within Social Services, liaising with young people in remand, leaving care and residential care. It was here that my interest in psychology developed and I commenced study whilst working. I moved down to London in my early thirties and joined the Higher Education sector in administration and moved into personnel. I gained my MCIPD and BSc in Psychology and Business Management. When I moved back to Yorkshire I worked within the Further Education sector for a few years in management and then as a senior manager within a large medical centre. I always had an open door policy within personnel and enjoyed sorting out staff problems rather than the human resources side and decided to look at the therapeutic side of occupational health. I discovered Hypnotherapy and everything clicked into place for me. I was fascinated by the successful outcomes Hypnotherapy had to offer and I commenced study and successfully qualified. I then found out for myself how Hypnotherapy, EMDR for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help improve people’s lives so much.
Hypnotherapy, EMDR therapy for PTSD and NLP can help you naturally to overcome your perceived obstacles. It is physically non-invasive and can be a very relaxing therapy and you will be able to take away tools to help you to continue with your aims and objectives in life. Please see below some of the areas where I can assist you. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you and let’s see where I can be of help. I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapist Practitioner with accredited training and Professional Liability Insurance. I am CNHC registered which means that GPs can recommend patients to CNHC registered hypnotherapists.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

We have an initial telephone consultation to discuss how I may be able to assist you. The next stage is to complete an online questionnaire to clarify the areas we can work on together. Following this, we arrange your first appointment/session. During your first session, we discuss any requirements for ongoing therapy. Usually, around 3 sessions can be all you need, although we will always discuss whether this can be extended. The only specialism that requires one independent longer session is for smoking cessation, which is around 2 hours. My charges only commence at appointment/sessions stage.

Services & Treatments


• Smoking cessation • Phobias • Panic attacks • Building confidence • Public speaking • Low self-esteem • Anxiety issues • Regression therapy • EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) & Trauma

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, safe and relaxing therapy. I can take you into a deep and relaxing state of hypnosis where you will be aware, feel calm and in complete control. We work together as a team to help you with your personal issue(s). Hypnotherapy has brought many successful results with problems presenting as: anxiety; phobias; low self esteem; panic attacks; stress; smoking; pain management; weight issues; fear of public speaking and more.

Hypnosis has been around for a very long time and in modern times has become more mainstream alongside counselling and psychotherapy. There are advantages to each of these therapies although they are approached in a different way. Hypnotherapy, in my opinion, dives more deeply from the start as it encourages quicker relaxation therefore bringing more rapid results. As a brief overview, your brain has a range of wave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. In the Beta state, you are conscious and aware – basically awake. The Alpha state lies between a very relaxed conscious and a day-dream situation – the state you arrive at when for example you are listening to music or driving your car (no panics here, remember the times you’ve reached home and sometimes struggle to remember the journey?) Theta is dream-like more akin to actual sleep, like the cosy, warm feeling that accompanies a good night’s rest. Delta state is when the body is set to heal, replace cells and keep you as healthy as possible in auto mode. Quite fascinating really what the human body/mind/brain is capable of. Hypnotherapy mainly does its work at the Alpha/Theta level, which can bring positive results for clients in a shorter time frame. You are always in control and we work together in relaxing, pleasant and appropriate surroundings.


Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. In simple terms EMDR Therapy is a rapid, non-invasive therapy used at a conscious level, but the therapeutic advantages are that it reaches the subconscious almost instantly. EMDR Therapy can be used for almost all the areas that hypnotherapy can treat, but its successes are mainly highlighted for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Every person’s perception of trauma is appropriate to their experience. EMDR Therapy for PTSD has been linked to the successful treatment of soldiers returning from war zones and its high success rate in assisting trauma. Clearly this also relates to any traumatic experience for anyone affected. I use the EMDR Blast Technique which generally works more rapidly than even the original form of EMDR Therapy. The eye movement is exactly what it says, the client moves their eyes side to side, along with my guiding voice and in a sequence which gently processes the perceived problem/issue/experience and desensitises it. This is extremely helpful with problems presenting for example as panic attacks or consistent anxiety which has been triggered by the trauma concerned.

Smoking Cessation Therapy

Hypnotherapy can help you get to the root of the reasons why you smoke – resulting in a higher success of kicking the habit. Smoking contributes to a long list of health problems and each smoker has a different approach to their smoking habit. There are different types of smokers, for example, the casual smoker – linked perhaps to social or stressful occasions; the moderate smoker – who smokes quite regularly and might find it difficult giving up the habit. Then the hard-core smoker – generally smoking heavily and the thought of giving up feels unattainable. We work together to find your ‘best fit’ and the smoking cessation therapy usually takes around 2 hours. The most important factor in this is that you must as an individual wish to kick the habit and not because anyone else wants you to stop. Pressure from all areas including the NHS, isn’t such a bad thing and when you do stop your health and finances will improve dramatically. If you are thinking of quitting – some food for thought. There are around 599 legal additives in your cigarettes, apart from tobacco, and up to 60 of these are known carcinogens. Even the smoke exhaled runs into thousands of separate chemicals. Anyone who smokes now is aware of the dangers to their health through massive campaigns from the UK government. It’s a fantastic and positive decision to quit tobacco and thousands of people are doing so every year.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about how any of the above therapies may be able to help you with no obligation.


Hypnotherapy and EMDR Therapy                  £65.00 per hour

Smoking Cessation Therapy
(session is usually around 2 hours)               £135.00 per session

“When I approached Kathy, I was struggling with severe anxiety which meant I couldn’t attend school at the time and it was affecting my studies. Kathy helped me to overcome this by showing me a way of not feeling this level of anxiety and giving me a way of controlling it. This meant that I could start attending school again days later. She helped me to control it by helping me find a place that I felt comfortable in and allowing me to visit that place whenever I felt I was in an uncomfortable position.” JLP Bradford
To Kathy Richards
“Having experienced some significant emotional trauma at the beginning of this year – to the point where I was unable to function properly in my day-to-day life – I sought Kathy’s help as an EMDR therapist. After our second session, I walked out and genuinely believed for the first time that I could put past experiences behind me and that there was light in the future. I’ve rediscovered personal resilience, interest in life and the world, and ability to dream and plan for my future, and so much of that is down to my sessions with Kathy. She helped me to unlock the door through which I needed to step to move on and re-establish myself as a whole person, who can conquer the difficulties life bestows. Thank you so much, Kathy. ” CH, Leeds
To Kathy Richards
“Kathy taught me hypnosis techniques to help me with relaxation and reach my own “special place” which I know I can find and return to whenever I choose. I have approached Kathy in times of personal crisis and her calming nature and reminder of the importance of the breath has helped me to remain calm. Kathy has also advised me about meditation techniques and with her I have experienced and enjoyed the process of meditation. I recommend Kathy to anyone seeking to find their inner calm.” LBC, Leeds
To Kathy Richards
“I can honestly and truly hand on heart recommend Kathy to anyone who is thinking about trying EMDR or hypnosis. I, like a lot of people, was a little bit sceptical but having heard how well it can work for people suffering with anxiety I decided to give it a go. Anxiety was affecting my life in far too many ways and Kathy helped me overcome a lot of my fears and find my triggers (some, I didn’t even realise were actually affecting me until I spoke about it). I had just four sessions and took on board what Kathy said about how it may be weeks down the line when I look back and notice the differences and I can honestly say this was so true. I feel like I have turned a massive corner and have since done things I would never have done prior to the treatment. I joined the gym for one (something that used to fill me with fear for many reasons). I went on holiday and didn’t have the usual anxieties that normally accompany it. I also generally feel a lot happier and in control and if I ever have a wobble, I simply use the techniques Kathy taught me and put myself in my happy place and realise I am the one in control of my mind.” TG, Leeds
To Kathy Richards
“12 years ago I had extremely negative experiences within my marriage and had some counselling to try to move on, although I never really felt like I had been able to get everything out and processed in a way which would help me move on.  For years I was in and out of unsuccessful relationships.   I began my search looking for someone to help me and I found Kathy. She was a bright light at the end of a very long dark tunnel for me. I called her and told her what was happening to me and she suggested that my issues could be linked to PTSD. For 12 years I was carrying around a huge burden and had I known what it was, I would have certainly tried to resolve it. Kathy made the process so easy for me, I know we had to go back in time in order to process the negative experience I suffered, but I always felt safe and I trusted Kathy completely. I know I cried a few times, and that was the process of letting go, and after our therapy sessions I felt very disconnected to life, but that disconnection faded after a couple of days. My life has turned around since my therapy with Kathy. I no longer have nightmares.  I feel happy, I feel safe and most importantly nothing triggers me now. I now have full control of myself, my life, my focus and my work. I feel normal again. Without Kathy I have no doubt in my mind that I would still be in that horrible dark place of being trapped somewhere I couldn’t escape. You are a bright shining light to those people who are suffering from PTSD. Thank you for being you, thank you for being kind and thank you for the support you gave me during my most difficult times.” RM, Leeds
To Kathy Richards