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Nicki Eyre
Transformational Coaching
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Welcome to the start of our transformational coaching journey together. I’m Nicki Eyre, and I discovered how to create freedom in my life by being true to myself and making authentic choices that were right for me.

I believe in the power of transforming relationships, both at work and throughout your life, through the discovery of your authentic self. Everyone deserves to be heard, valued, and have their unique individuality recognised and respected. This is also reflected in my passion to support businesses and individuals to tackle workplace bullying. Together, we’ll find the route that allows everyone to speak up with confidence and shine in every aspect of their life and work.

Services & Treatments

Transformational Coaching

Coaching comes in many forms, and it’s important that you find a coach that you connect with, both as an individual and in the approach used.

I offer one to one coaching programmes including the Quest programme for individuals; and one to one business coaching as well as leadership development and workplace wellbeing programmes, with a particular interest in trasnforming workplace behaviour to tackle workplace bullying.

My role is to create a safe environment where I will challenge and support you to recreate the connection with yourself, exploring your strengths and vulnerabilities and empowering you to make choices that serve you well to move forward in your life or work.

Most people are familiar with the term performance coaching, where the required outcomes are guided by the needs of the organisation, with the aim of supporting the client to excel in their role.

Transformational, or Developmental Coaching takes the process a step further, and is a highly individual process, exploring current and past influences from both personal and professional lives that shape your behaviour. I offer both one to one coaching and leadership developmentprogrammes using this approach.

Transformational coaching has the greatest impact when working with leaders:
Chief Executives/Directors
Owner-managers of businesses
Stepping up into a senior role
New to management

It enables you to define your own views of performance both for yourself, and for your organisation or team. It enables you to develop your perspective, gain greater clarity of thought, improve emotional responsiveness, and become more adaptable and versatile in dealing with more complex situations. You will develop your authenticity and creativity as a leader.

The role of the Transformational Coach is to create an environment and space that allows learning to take place, while developing a supportive but challenging relationship with you, the client. Although we will agree an agenda and outcomes at the outset, it is a fluid process to allow for the path to follow a different direction where appropriate, with regular reviews to manage this process.

Every business is different, therefore you may want to create a bespoke coaching programme to suit you, and your team, which may include one to one coaching and leadership programmes.