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Pauline Williams
Chapter 2 Career Counselling
Tel: 07761 324128

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Pauline is an experienced and qualified career counsellor whose previous jobs include senior manager for a large food company, corporate and financial public relations for PR agencies.

She has worked for national television in production, radio and newspapers as a reporter; and as a bartender in an outback pub in Australia.

She loves listening to life stories and believes that exploring talents, passions, interests, recurring themes and repeating patterns lead to clarity for navigating chapter 2 of a career.

Let her know what you expect from career counselling as you write chapter 2 of your career.

Pauline is a CDI Registered Professional.

Services & Treatments

Career Counselling

What is career counselling; career development and career management?
There are many definitions and many ways of practising.

At the centre of my practice is the belief that the only person who knows the answer to a question about their career is that person.

My method of working is first, ensure we are comfortable with each other, second, agree how we are going to work together and third, agree what we expect to have achieved by the end of our time together.

It may be that we explore ‘who am I’, ‘how I got where I am’, ‘what I want’, ‘what I need’, ‘what I have decided to do next’ and ’how’.