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Having learnt facial and eyebrow threading as a child in the Middle East Shoreh has brought her expertise to Harrogate and opened Eyebrowz Etc in early 2012.  Her passion for helping others to feel good about themselves has led her to offer a range of health and beauty treatments. Each treatment is carried out with compassion and sensitivity to everyones’ needs. From facial threading to holistic facials Shoreh continues to take great care about using only the finest and highest quality products.

Services & Treatments

Eyebrow & Facial Threading

Threading is the most natural technique of hair removal available. It has been practiced in Asia for centuries and has fast become one of the most popular and revolutionary new beauty technique in the UK.
Threading is an exceptionally quick, convenient and natural way to remove facial hair. The treatment involves cotton thread which is twisted together to remove hairs from their roots. The technique allows for a more precise definition and shaping of the eyebrows. Although the eyebrows are the most popular facial area to have threaded, we offer full facial hair removal, including upper lip and chin in our comfortable, private treatment room.

How threading compares to other hair removal treatments:

  • Quicker than tweezing and has better precision than plucking.
  • Longer lasting (4-8 weeks).
  • Less painful than waxing.
  • No harmful chemicals or hot wax involved.
  • The top layer of skin is not removed or damaged.
  • Precise shaping with a more natural line to the finished eyebrow.
  • Quick and effective hair removal without causing irritation.


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

‘Make your eyes look brilliant without the need for mascara’ 
If your lashes or brows are light brown or naturally blond, eyelash and/or eyebrow tinting will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes. Unlike mascara, which must be applied every morning, with tinted lashes you wake up with that freshly applied mascara look. Eyelash tinting will particularly benefit our clients who are sensitive to make-up, active in sports (especially swimming) or those who have little time to apply make-up daily. Eyelash and brow tinting is also an advantage for contact lens wearers, as your eyes come into contact with less interference. The treatment involves a quick and non-surgical procedure using vegetable dye to tint the eyebrow and/or lashes. The enhancing results last around four to six weeks.

Eyelash Perming

‘Make your eyelashes look longer and fuller’ 
Eyelash perming is a semi-permanent method of curling your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes will enhance the appearance of the eyes and will normally last between 4-6 weeks. For improved effect, a tint may be applied directly afterwards.

*patch test may be required 24 hours prior to treatment.

Phyto 5 Holistic Energy 5 Elements Facial

A one hour facial tailored to suit your individual skin type. Using your Element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water) from the Phyto 5 Phyto-Energetic line this balancing facial incorporates 9 steps and 3 phases including facial reflexology.

Made in Switzerland, the skincare line abounds with natural ingredients such as clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils. These wonderful products were created with a unique philosophy in mind – that as they soothe and renew our bodies, they must also rebalance and replenish our inner flow of energy, because the body is not just matter, but “vital energy” as well!

PHYTO 5 products are based on the 5 Elements of traditional Chinese medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are designed to restore and maintain the body’s holistic balance of nature. PHYTO 5 includes 5 mini lines corresponding to each group of skin conditions. They also are in harmony with the energy of each energetic season.

Phyto 5 Ageless Facial

With five major aesthetic actions for your ageless beauty:

  • Essential Hydration
  • Addition of needed minerals
  • Wrinkles filled from within
  • Age-defying antioxidants (to fight free radicals)
  • Lifting, Firming, & Toning!

This luxurious anti-aging solution from PHYTO 5® is effective yet natural and holistic, in contrast to more common invasive solutions. The synergy of the serum and cream achieves a younger looking more radiant skin.
This luxurious anti-aging solution from PHYTO 5® is effective, yet natural and holistic, in contrast to more common invasive solutions. The synergy of the serum and cream achieves a younger looking and radiant skin.
The delicate fragrance of the products is composed of a precious blend of balanced plant extracts and essential oils (rose, orange, tangerine, green tea, geranium, vanilla and sandalwood) selected according to the principles of energy medicines.

Why and How it works:
The Serum: Very rich in natural anti-aging active molecules, it fills-in wrinkles from within and mineralizes the skin. The extract of Commiphora, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, fills-in wrinkles and tones the skin without a need for injections. Rich in manganese, it mineralizes and consolidates the protective mantel of the skin. Precious, natural, essential oils of rose and of apricot oil provide significant hydration and anti-aging properties.

The Cream: The cream Is also very rich in natural anti-aging active molecules. It hydrates, firms, and restructures the skin. The Acacia gum (from African sustainable development) acts as instant tightening agent. It gives an immediate, visible, decrease in wrinkle depth and smoother skin. The wheat extract deeply hydrates and restructures the skin with proven short and long term efficacy. Additional hydrating, healing and anti-aging properties are assured by Cupuaçu butter (from the Amazonian rain forest), Shea butter (from African sustainable development), precious essential oils of Rose, and Squalane
from olive.


Wax hair removal treatments – for women
Bikini wax
Banish bikini line hair in minutes and keep neat and tidy with our bikini wax treatment. With regular treatments every 4-6 weeks, hair will take longer to grow back and will be thinner.
Brazillian bikini wax
Get ready for your itsy bitsy bikini or barely there briefs with a trend setting Brazilian wax. Taking the waxing higher than a regular bikini wax, you’ll be left with a neat, small strip of hair.
Full or part leg wax
For the smoothess holiday or party legs, opt for one of our full or half leg waxing treatments.
Underarm wax
Put your hands up! A quick wax will leave you without the worry of under arm shadow for weeks.
Wax hair removal treatments – for men
Back wax for men
No matter how hairy you are, a warm wax treatment will leave your back smooth for 4-6 weeks. It’s a great treatment to choose before a holiday to help you achieve an even tan and it’s also a top choice for sportsmen who say a hair free body makes them feel fresh and clean.
Chest wax for men
It doesn’t take long to get a smooth, silky chest. A warm wax treatment will make sure you stay hair free for up to 6 weeks.
We offer both hot and warm wax hair removal.

Manicures & Pedicures

If you like your nails to look great with conventional nail varnish then you will probably have heard of the wonderful professional Essie range of varnishes.

All our manicures and pedicures use Essie professional nail colours and leave your nails shining and looking fantastic.

Gel Nails

Gelish (by Nail Harmony) is a gel nail varnish which is applied in a similar way to Shellac; and wears in the same way; like a polish that doesnt chip. However our experience is that it can last a little longer – 3 weeks in many cases which could be due to the fact that there seems a little more strength in each of the layers.

We have a wide range of colours, glitters and matts to ensure that your nails look amazing, whatever the occasion.


“I have tried many facials over the years and just LOVE this range. As a holistic person I like knowing the products used are Organic and natural and was very intrigued with the 5 element approach. I would definitely recommend this facial to everyone.”
To Eyebrowz
“I found the ageless facials to be very popular and find the products in the range are very kind to my mature, sensitive skin, without any of the harshness found in chemicals. I had a good experience with no skin reactions. At last a facial that suits me with no harmful products.”
To Eyebrowz
“Today I had an eyebrow tint & threading followed by an extremely relaxing Indian head massage. I strongly recommend these treatments & will definitely be booking back in. thank you again for this wonderful experience.”
To Eyebrowz