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Tracey De Wet
Relationship Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Tel: 01423 274433

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After experiencing first hand what it is like to go through a traumatic divorce and the ongoing fallout I decided to utilise my degree and skills to become a marriage counsellor. Further research and study helped me put together the Marriage Worxx Relationship Rescue Program. By including hypnotherapy and coaching techniques I have improved it even further.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship then please get help now. If you have children, saving and improving your relationship is the BEST gift you can give them. Even if you go on to eventually divorce, the program will help you communicate better with your ex and improve future relationships.

You are assured of a warm welcome and confidential initial session. Thereafter you may choose to join a group or continue with private sessions. The program has 6 to 8 sections depending on the severity of your current relationship interaction.

Services & Treatments

The Marriage Worxx Relationship Rescue Program

An effective course covering specific areas of marital breakdown and negativity.

Based on actual research, we show you how a relationship gets into an unpleasant state and what you and your partner can do to bring it back from the brink. This is not talking therapy, it is learning. Marriage doesn’t come with a manual and the success or failure thereof usually just happens over time. What if you both knew a) what to do to improve it b) what attitudes and behaviours lead to unhappiness? Guesswork would be eliminated. You would be able to concentrate on what works in successful relationships.You would recognise patterns and enhance or stop them. During the hypnotherapy sections you explore why you may act/react in certain ways. Growth happens through challenge and change but don’t despair, we are there to coach you both. We give you a safe space to explore your relationship dynamics. Time to practice unfamiliar, yet vital, interactions. A blueprint for your future.

Getting your ‘self’ back after a divorce

Breaking up a family can be the most stressful and devastating life event you experience. It can even be worse than a bereavement. A time when we need all the support we can get. Even months or years later things can still rankle and we realise we haven’t moved on. You owe it to yourself to invest in your future. Undergoing hypnotherapy and other techniques such as NLP, EFT and emotional pain reduction can help you overcome the past and move on to a happier, more confident you. Get in touch now to discuss how we can help you.

Help for children and youngsters

Children take the major hit when the family breaks up. They may seem as if they are coping but underneath there will be hurt, anger, sadness and possible shame and resentment. The sooner they get help the better. Using play / art therapy, giving them a safe space to express their feelings and hypnotherapeutic relaxation techniques can go a long way towards helping them heal and understand. Even one session can make a difference and show them that you care how they feel.

Overcome physical and emotional pain and symptoms

Sometimes our neural pathways get ‘stuck’ experiencing symptoms long after the initial cause has been resolved. Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and other therapeutic techniques are used to help reduce pain and symptoms. Also been shown to help for migraines / headaches, allergies, phantom limb pain, bruxism, unexplained fatigue and anxiety / stress based illness.